Licensing Terms for
Novell NetWare Revisor

There are three kinds of licenses:

  • Single License. Single license permits the use of Novell NetWare Revisor on one computer (workstation). Two single licenses are needed for two computers, five are needed for 5 computers, etc. Order...
  • SITE License. SITE license gives the right to use Novell NetWare Revisor on an entire site. With a SITE license, Novell NetWare Revisor can be used on an large number of computers at the same physical site location. This site location would be defined as a single building. Please, contact us at to find out the precise cost of the SITE license.
  • COMPANY license. COMPANY license is designed for wide corporate usage of Novell NetWare Revisor. Please, contact us at to find out the precise cost of the COMPANY license.

Registration benefits

Only registered users get the following benefits:

  • No longer restricted to the 30-day trial.
  • All functional limitations are disabled in the program.
  • You will get minor program updates FREE of charge.
  • Complete support via e-mail.
  • All the suggestions concerning the improvement of the program are considered first.

See also: License Agreement.