Technical Support

Technical support by e-mail is free, but the full support is provided only for registered users. We reserve the right to refuse supporting those users whose problems are beyond the use of our software.

Problem solution

From our experience we can tell that most problems connected with the use of the program can be solved by users themselves if they carefully read the documentation included in the software distribution package. That is why we ask you to carefully look through the guide before asking a question.

If you do not find the answers to your questions, contact our technical support at

Please make sure you're able to receive emails from! If you use spam filtering software, please remember to add to your list of acceptable e-mail senders.


If you want to have some new feature in our program, send your suggestions to the e-mail address of our technical support:

Bug reports

If there appear any error messages during your work with the program or if it works incorrectly, please send us an e-mail message with the description of the error. Specify the following information in your message:

  • Server operating system.
  • The operating system on the computer where the program was running.
  • The detailed (step-by-step) description of the error (it is desirable to send the screenshot). How often does it occur?

If we find your message useful, you will get a discount for purchasing the program.